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EXTRA PV-system order placed.  East & West roof oriented

02.08.2019 EXTRA PV-system order placed. East & West roof oriented

On August 1, 2019 we placed the ORDER for a new and extra PV system.
10 Panels LG330 NEON2 to be installed on the EAST side from the roof on the Garage.
10 Panels LG330 NEON2 to be installed on the WEST side from the roof on the Garage.
In total this is 6600 Wp extra.
Both strings will be conn... weiterlesen
50 MWh production on March 25, 2019

25.03.2019 50 MWh production on March 25, 2019

Today, March 25 2019 we did reach the 50.000 kWh production capacity.
==> Proud on this GREAT achievement
==> Happy with this result
New picture created for this event weiterlesen
2018 was a TOP solar year

02.01.2019 2018 was a TOP solar year

I am not telling anything new to SOLAR friends when I say that 2018 did perform extremely well in respect to SOLAR production.

4523.5 kWh is what my 12y old installation has produced in 2018.
GREAT performance, I am proud ( on the SUN ).
2018 : 1130.9 kWh/kWp

2019 will also bring something ... weiterlesen

01.12.2018 New YEAR record = 4492.14 kWh on 22/11 ( Nov 2017 --> 2018 )

Again a new record ==> Nov 22, 2018.

Exact the day that this installation is 12 years in OPERATION !

a new PEAK : 4492.14 kWh production during 1 year ( day to day, Nov 22 )


31.10.2018 New YEAR record = 4448.44 kWh on 27/10 ( Oct 2017 --> 2018 )

Happy that this website is back and this time with a https ( certificate ) connection.

This year has been providing us with a lot of SUN.
A few days ago we have reached the biggest YEAR result so far. 4448.44 kWh ( Oct27 2017 - 2018 ).
Not bad for this installation from 2016.

27.12.2017 Above 11 years now

Installation is now older then 11 years.
This year, December is not providing a lot of sun.
10 Years now

23.11.2016 10 Years now

Installation is now 10 years old

Total production is 40734.4 kWh

! H A P P Y ! weiterlesen

29.10.2016 ALMOST 10 years !

In a few weeks from now, this installation will become 10 years old. weiterlesen
40.000kWh borderline is passed

06.09.2016 40.000kWh borderline is passed

Yesterday, September 5 we did pass the 40.000kWh borderline.
Since this installation is not yet fully 10 years old ( end November this year it will be ) , it means that we produced more then 4000kWh per year on avarage weiterlesen

28.08.2016 Almost 10 years, almost 40.000kWh

We are late August now.
This year was not very great as for now related to the SUN and the results from the SOLAR system.
Now, at the end from August, we had several days of high temperatures and lots of SUN.
A few days to go and we will reach the 40.000kWh borderline.
This means that for the fi... weiterlesen

30.04.2016 Cold, wet April 2016

This year, the month of April was very wet, relative cold and did not give us a lot of sunshine.
There where a few nice days but unfortunately we did not get the chance to enjoy a lot from the weather. weiterlesen

30.12.2015 New record. 2015, best year ever


Today it became clear, a new RECORD is broken.

We have produced more in 2015 than ever in a CALENDAR-year with this installation.

33333 kWh

06.04.2015 33333 kWh


Today we did reach a new milestone.
The total production did reach 33.333 kWh
2014 is finished, results are known

31.12.2014 2014 is finished, results are known


Today, December 31 2014 is over for my solar system. The SUN has gone down and the production dropped to 0 Watts.
It is TIME to make my STATISTICAL overview and round up the year.

Good that 2014 is again passing my target border. My psychological border is a result from more than 100... weiterlesen

20.05.2014 30 MWh production

We did reach the NEXT milestone.
This installation did produce already more then 30.000 kWh, this is more then 30 MEGA Watt Hour.
Sounds as A LOT of energy. Well in fact, it is A LOT of energy.
Emagine this small installation from 4000 Wpiek that did produce all this energy while just laying aro... weiterlesen

04.01.2014 Results from 2013 are less the previous years

The year 2013 did not give the same results as previous years.
Clearly the year with the lowest production results since this installation is operating.
No direct worries with my installation since it still produces as it should compare to others here in this region.

With some joy I noticed at... weiterlesen

22.11.2013 Birthday today 7 years old

Today this installation did become 7 years old. Starts counting already.
Was the FIRST installation in our street and for sure not the last. Tried and succeeded in bringing a lot of neighbours to the same idea and in the meantime lots of other houses are equipped with an installation. This is why ... weiterlesen

05.03.2013 25 MWh produced !

Today, March 5 2013 is the date that we did reach the 25000 kWh production quantity.

An other milestone for this system.

05.10.2012 Almost ' SIX ' years old

This system is now almost 6 years old and still we are pleased with the overall results.
Total production is now 24273 kWh.
Actually this is 24.274 miljon WattHour ( sounds better )

All this with an installed base from 4000 Wpiek.
This results at least into a production result from more then ... weiterlesen

07.07.2012 SUN in June/July 2012

The year 2011 gave us almost 4300 kWh electricity. So that year 2011 was the BEST year in terms of RESULTS from our SOLAR system up to now. Alzways nice to brake a record.
This year 2012 did not start with extreme values. The month of June was the worsed in terms of results since this installatio... weiterlesen

26.11.2011 Installation is FIVE years old

November 22, 2011 is the anniversary day from this PV-installation.
This year is going to be a record year up to now.
All years have been great actually.
On the anniversary day we have produced 20615 kWh with this 4000 Wpiek installation.
Our results : average 4123 kWh per year up to now ==> 1... weiterlesen

10.04.2011 SOLAR ==> Do it also !

I am reading since YEARS the German PHOTON magazine. I do have ADVISED already many people with their installation.This SOLAR topic is one from my main hobbies at this moment. I wish I could invest more in this topic but in Belgium this is not easy. A solar system on a family house is limited in c... weiterlesen

10.04.2011 Overview

This plant is operational since November 2006.
Our street was selected to become the ZONNESTRAAT (SOLARSTREET) for several months (LARGEST number of PV-plants in ONE street in the Flanders).
On June 1, 2009 we have reached the 10.000 kWh border.
End November, December 2010 was very POOR towards ... weiterlesen